Crypto Infrastructure for your Business Needs.

We are pioneering crypto payments and NFTs to help business reach customers they haven’t yet.


Accepting Crypto Payments is Easy

Present Qr code

Show your customer the QR code to pay in a cryptocurrency they choose.

Collect Payments

You get paid in your own currency, directly into your bank.

Analytics and Tracking

Track your payouts, payment details and transaction data, no coding needed!

Core Features

  • Zero Risk

    You get paid your currency, directly into your bank account. No more cryptocurrency related volatility risk.

  • Fast payout Time

    You don't need to wait for cash. We payout within 1-2 days 

  • No Rolling Reserve

    We don't impose a reserve - meaning you receive all your money into your account.

  • No Chargeback Fraud

    We protect you against charge back and refund frauds.

    • Zero Risk

      You Get Paid Your Currency, Directly Into Your Bank Account. No More Cryptocurrency Related Volatility Risk.
    • Fast Payout Time

      You Don't Need To Wait For Cash. We Payout Within 1-2 Days.
    • This Is A Label

      We Don't Impose A Reserve Meaning You Receive All Your Money Into Your Account.
    • No Chargeback Fraud

      We Protect You Against Charge Back And Refund Frauds.